LinkedKey VEX-IQ Robotics

The course will be broken down into 5 Modules designed to teach different concepts related to robotics. The first will be focused around teaching the basic concepts of programming and how that relates to robotics. The second and third will be focused on how sensors interact with code and mechanical designs and the fourth to final will give the students a taste of competition by allowing them to compete against each other using all of the skills they have learned. The goal after the 3 stages is to have students who are ready to take on the world competitively in VEX IQ.

What is VEX-IQ Robotics

VEX IQ is a competitive platform designed to allow elementary and middle school students the ability to easily build robotic systems while leaving enough room to create complex robots capable of truly spectacular feats. Robotics creates leaders, engineers and team members. Kids learn all aspects of tech from hardware to software and will learn the complexities of how these two systems interact.VEX IQ is easy learning for kids of any age or ability.

LinkedKey VEX-IQ Robotics Course

Careers in STEM are increasingly in demand, getting a head start in the engineering field through robotics is a great way to start learning and acquire real hands on experience. Work with many aspects of engineering from programming to design while competing with teams from across the globe. No prior programming or robotics knowledge is required

Module 1
Intro to Programming in RobotC and more

Module 2
Intro VEX-IQ Sensors and more

Module 3
Intro to Design,including Design Challenge

Module 4-5
Prepare Provincial Competition or of the world

Our Instructors

Ethan C.

Ethan C.

Coach, VEX-IQ Robotics

Ethan has eight years experience of various robotics competitions. He won the second place of robot coding program in the VEX-IQ competition in the world. And he won the champion of robot design in the world FLL competition. Ethan has multiple years’ experiences in creating curriculums and teaching students in different ages for programming and mechanical.