Innovation Program

Canadian Computing Contest

The Canadian Computing Contest (CCC) is an individual contest with 5 questions to solve in three hours. Participants who score highly move on to the Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO), with a chance to qualify for the Canadian Computing National Team. 

Educational Computing Organization of Ontario Programming Contest

The Educational Computing Organization Of Ontario Programming contest (ECCO) is a team contest with up to four members per team. The contest takes place in three rounds:
Round 1, (Board-wide contest) 
Round 2, (Regional contest)
Round 3 (Province-wide contest)

Canadian Computer Olympiad

Participants who scored highly on to the Canadian Computing Contest (CCC) compete in the Canadian Computer Olympiad with a chance to qualify for the Canadian Computing National Team. 

Can you conquer the travelling salesman?

Computer contests challenge you with problems you would never be able to solve otherwise. By learning the ins and outs of algorithms and data structures, you will be able to direct traffic, find the optimum solution for board games, and solve disputes between your friends (Who is taller?) Our program will set you on the path to conquer the CCC and other computer contests!

Solve problems that mimic the real world
Computers are crunching data all the time, learn how they do it!
Algorithms and Data structures
Learn the techniques of computer problem solving
University Standards

The questions we work on are closely follow university curriculums

Achieve Results

We work on past CCC questions to help you prepare for this year's competition

Computer Science Growth

Develop an understanding of fundamental computer science concepts

Impress Top Employers

Companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft ask about algorithms and data structures, be prepared!

Our Instructor

Mr. Fu

Mr. Fu

Instructor, Mathematics

Mr. Fu graduated from Nanjing University, and has taught physics and mathematics in various Chinese Universities and high schools. He later obtained undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in physics and mathematics in Canada. Since then, Mr. Fu has taught mathematics and physics at Ontario public schools for more than 20 years. His teaching style has been described as rigorous, yet reasonable and methodical. He is a patient, compassionate, open-minded, and wise individual – a rare teacher and true friend.