LinkedKey SSAT Class

Improving our student’s ability to understand and take multiple choice tests.This includes but is not limited too, teaching students how to decipher the format of multiple choice tests such as the SSATs and better understand what the question is actually asking. Helping students spot and avoid trick questions and narrow down possibilities in questions they are not familiar with. Teaching students proper strategy for taking the SSAT including when and how to guess at questions they don’t know and how to manage their time to provide the highest number of correct answers possible.

Developing student’s ability to read, understand, and comprehend passages on tests. Specifically how to absorb information from passages efficiently and how to take effective notes during test conditions in order to improve their speed and accuracy on the upcoming SSAT.

Expanding our student’s vocabulary to improve their grades on the verbal portion of the upcoming SSAT. This was the area that students performed worse on in our SSAT generally. We intend to make it our top priority. We have a lot of room to improve in this area and we plan to implement a strategy to do this as quickly as possible.


LinkedKey SSAT Classes

SSAT Middle Level
Recommend Grade 5-7 to learn

SSAT Upper Level
Recommend Grade 8 above to learn


Our Instructors

Matt T.

Matt T.

Instructor, SAT, SSAT, Essay

Matt is a product of the University of Toronto’s English, Philosophy, and Sociology programs, he is well versed in multiple writing disciplines and carries a long tradition of high standards and strong results into the classroom. Matt has taught students of all ages and skill levels how to elevate their written work, inspiring a passion for writing that his students carry with them through post secondary education and into their professional lives. His expectations are high but fair, Matt goes to great lengths to adapt his lessons to accommodate the needs of individual students and ensure their success, through patience and persistence he instills in his class not just a love of writing, but also the discipline required to do it well.

Lily W.

Lily W.

Head, Mathematics

Lily W. graduated from Teacher College majoring in Mathematics. Since then, she has been teaching Mathematics for more than 25 years. Lily is very engaging and holds the attention of students in all discussions. She has thorough knowledge of the school’s curriculum and other standards and she ensures her teaching meets those standards. Lily also has high expectations of their students and encourages everyone to always work at their best level. In Canada alone, many of students Lily taught have won awards in various math contests and have been accepted by top colleges such as Ivy League schools.