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LinkedKey's instructors will help you maximize your potential and guide you through every step of the SAT or SSAT prep process. Unlike some prep programs that just focus on English or Math, Our SAT or SSAT prep course is a full course - we help students in all sections. Moreover, we offer students chances to take full-length SAT practice tests, as we believe that is one of the best ways to simulate test day.


LinkedKey's College Consulting Service will help your child create a list of school to apply to. That list of schools will be categorized as Dream, Target, Safety.

“Dream” schools are universities where your child aims to gain admission. These schools are very selective and well respected - examples include the Ivy League, MIT, Stanford.

“Target” universities are also difficult to gain admission but comparatively easier. Examples include University of California Berkeley, Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University.

“Safety” universities are relatively easy to gain admission. These schools are almost guaranteed based on your child’s academic standing and leadership  experience.

LinkedKey will assist your child when applying to all 3 types of   schools.


Test preparation is different than school work and this could be challenging for many students.

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SAT Prep

Our unique methodology helps students understand the subjects and feel confident enough to start challenging themselves

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College Admission
LinkedKey's College Consulting Service will help your child create a list of school to apply to.

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Our Instructors

Henry C. L.

Henry C. L.

Henry's Bio

Henry is a strong believer in Communication and Innovation. He has over 15 years of distinguished career in working with IBM, Canon, Deloitte and American Express. Henry is the founder of LinkedKey and Debate for Excellence.

Work Experience
Over 15 years of distinguished experience

Henry had served as the vice president at one of the largest IT solution providers in China. He had also founded a number of companies in Canada and China, including an educational video publishing service in China and an O2O service provider in Canada.

Henry realized there is a gap between the future needs and the current educational system. He recognized that developing a debater’s mind will help individuals think more critically about the world around, and we need to do a better job teaching our children to debate in a logical and civil manner. This is why he started Debate for Excellence program, which later turns into today’s LinkedKey.

Sports Enthusiast

Henry is a sports enthusiast. Being a professionally trained swimmer in his early age, he enjoys spending his leisure time in the swimming pool, on the treadmill and road bike. He is also a member of Master Swim Ontario, Ellen’s Degenerates Investment Club, Project Management Institution and Kellogg Innovation Network.

Henry received his B.Eng. in Beijing, China and his Master of Business Administration at Kellogg School of Management and Schulich School of Business.


Teacher, SAT & SSAT

Ugur is a certified teacher of calculus and finance at Ryerson University. He holds a master’s degree in economics and finance and has many years of teaching experience in GMAT, Economics, SAT and SSAT. Ugur has a distinctly unique teaching method that efficiently ensures students fully understand and integrate the lesson material.

Ugur makes sure to study the latest version of the relevant course materials every year so the teaching content will always be up to date and better reflect the changes in testing content.

Brent S.

Brent S.

Head Coach, Debate
Brent's Bio

Brent has been teaching and competing at debate tournaments for more than 7 years. As a debater, Brent competed for Western University and the University of Toronto, achieving multiple speaker awards and tournament victories in different debate styles both in Canada and abroad. Brent has taught and trained debaters of all ages, ranging from students as young as grade 6 to some of the best university debaters in Canada and the United States. As a debater and instructor, Brent has a wide range of experience in debate and is well respected in the high school and university debating circuits throughout North America.

Doris Z.

Doris Z.

Coach, DECA

Doris has participated in numerous Debate and DECA competitions and has achieved outstanding results; she is the winner of the 2017 International Career Development Conference (ICDC) Franchise Business Plan. She has also accumulated a lot of experience in pre-match training and experience for high school students participating in the DECA competition. Doris is eager to inspire more students to study DECA, and will help students improve their abilities and reach their full potential.

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