LinkedKey SAT Class

Linkedkey SAT sessions are designed to prepare you for all the subjects covered. Our unique methodology helps students understand the subjects and feel confident enough to start challenging themselves with tough questions. We encourage students to understand the subjects and think critically to improve their overall knowledge level.

SAT require test strategies and strong organizational skills. Test preparation is different than school work and this could be challenging for many students. Our teacher’s significant experience with many other tests such as GMAT, GRE, CFA, CSC gives him a great advantage in test preparation.

What do we do in SAT Class

During the sessions, students will be offered many practice questions. Another crucial point we have is our instructor’s dynamic approach by making students participate fully. Students are asked questions during sessions and encouraged to share their thoughts in the class.

Our Instructors

Matt T.

Matt T.

Instructor, SAT, SSAT, Essay

Matt is a product of the University of Toronto’s English, Philosophy, and Sociology programs, he is well versed in multiple writing disciplines and carries a long tradition of high standards and strong results into the classroom. Matt has taught students of all ages and skill levels how to elevate their written work, inspiring a passion for writing that his students carry with them through post secondary education and into their professional lives. His expectations are high but fair, Matt goes to great lengths to adapt his lessons to accommodate the needs of individual students and ensure their success, through patience and persistence he instills in his class not just a love of writing, but also the discipline required to do it well.