Our Instructor

Sam has brings four years of competitive deca experience and a number of accolades to our program including placing in the Top 10 at the provincial level for three years and once at the international level. He's competed in the Human Resources Management, Financial Literacy Promotion and Business Law & Ethics categories.

Sam Hauer currently studies at Trinity College, University of Toronto. He spent four years as a member of the Innisdale DECA Chapter, serving as a Chapter Vice-President for two of those. As Vice-President, Sam gained experience teaching business concepts and public speaking skills to high school students.


Over the course of his DECA career, Sam won a total of thirteen competitive awards, including two podium finishes and six awards for excellent written scores. Sam received a Certificate of DECA Leadership at the 2013 International Career Development Conference, and attended the 2015 ICDC in Orlando as a competitor representing DECA Ontario.


He is eager to introduce new students to DECA, and to help current DECA members refine their skillset.

Our Program

Our new course will have a two-pronged focus: firstly, to prepare students to excel within the
boundaries of the high-school English curriculum; and secondly, to challenge them to move
beyond classroom-learning and to be able to meaningfully engage with the adult world of media,
politics, and global affairs.


We emphasize the development of analytical and communicative skills which will help students
improve their results in all areas of academic achievement. Additionally, the course prepares
students to excel in writing competitions, and several activities throughout the program are
geared towards participating in the CBC Creative Nonfiction Contest


LinkedKey’s reading and writing course will teach:

Identify and explain themes and arguments in a fiction or non-fiction
Understand and accurately reproduce the structural and stylistic elements of an academic essay
Understand and identify common themes and devices used in literature
Write effectively in the journalistic style
Write more clearly, concisely, and grammatically
And More!

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