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We work with students to develop their confidence and public speaking skills to be able to deliver clear presentations in a number of styles. Storytelling, persuasive speeches and light hearted speeches are part of our curriculum.

Public Speaking Classes

Public Speaking (Grade 4-6) 
This course introduces principles of public speaking to young students, including effective delivery, being persuasive, and writing speeches. This class serves as a good foundation to debating, but also to class presentations and competitive speech competitions. The goal is to build confidence in speaking in front of groups of people, both with prepared and impromptu material. Basic research skills will also be practiced.

Our Instructors

Jenny H.

Jenny H.

Coach, Public Speaking

Jenny is currently a student at McMaster University, majoring in the Health Sciences. As a White Oaks Debate Executive, Jenny has coached students of various age groups through summer workshops and year-round team meetings on various formats of debate and public speaking. She has also advanced to many out-rounds in debate including the Harvard World Schools Invitational and the Hart House High School Debate Tournament at University of Toronto.

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