Technology is changing the world.

From Doctor to Lawyer to Mechanic, technology is changing how we work and live. Our students are introduced to the world of technology by broadening their imaginations and learning by doing

Class Topics

Setting up a Python Environment

Install your development environment and write your first program!

Variables and logic

Learn how a computer stores and processes common commands

Loops and Lists

Learn to reuse and store your code in collections


Create modules and functions for reuse

Clean, Documented Code
Write clean code and document your progress
Debug and Test

Learn to fix and improve your code with debugging and Test Driven Development

Our Approach

The best way to learn is by doing

We will show you a world of opportunities


Our Instructors are ready to answer tough questions


Denys L.

Denys L.

Instructor, Innovation Program
Denys' Bio

Denys is an innovation instructor at LinkedKey teaching Computer Fundamentals and Computer Contest classes. He is a third year student at U of T studying computer science.

Programming and Teaching Experience

Denys has previously taught Public Speaking, Debate and Computer Fundamentals at LinkedKey as well as leading his Highschool debate and computer science clubs.
Denys has worked a number of internships building mobile and web applications at companies such as RBC & Geotab.
He’s also built mobile apps and websites for clients and currently leads the student group of Silicon Halton called Tech Under Twenty.

Denys is currently in his third year of Computer Science and Employment relations at U of T. He previously completed the International Baccalaureate at White Oaks Secondary School.