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Tuition and Refund Policies


1. Referral Reward

1). $50 tuition credits will be issued to both Referrer and Referee, after the Referee signs up and pays for at least one LinkedKey program. The tuition credits can be used towards future tuition payment.

2). There is no limit to the number of referees that each referrer may refer. However, tuition credits for the referrer may not exceed the total tuition paid by that family.

3). The tuition credits will apply to tuition only, not to any other fees.

4). To qualify for LinkedKey Referral Reward program, as a referrer you must be an existing LinkedKey student or parent. As a Referee, you must be a new LinkedKey student or parent.

2. Our semesters and Tuition

At LinkedKey, there are three semesters in each calendar year: Winter (January to June), Summer (July to August), and Fall (September to December). The payment of tuition can be: Email Transfer, Cheque, or Cash.

3. Try Out Class

Students are welcomed to take tryout classes before enrolling. Each semester, each student can take no more than one tryout class on each subject, with a maximum of five different subjects. If you need more tryout classes, please contact us at 647-872-6111.

If students decide to continue the course after the tryout class, the cost of the tryout class will be included in the tuition fee; if students decide NOT to continue the course, the tryout class will be free of charge.

4. Multi-courses Discount Policy

Should one student decide to register for two or more courses within the same semester, there will be a 10% discount applying to the lower-cost courses.

For example: Jack enrols in *Math G9 (tuition fee $760), Debate L2 Sr (tuition fee $810), and Computer Fundamentals (tuition fee $720). In this situation, a 10% discount will be applied to *Math G9 and Computer Fundamentals.

5. Sibling Discount Policy

For families who have two or more children enrolled concurrently at LinkedKey, the lower-cost course will receive a 10% discount.

Note: Sibling Discount and Multi-courses Discount can NOT be used together.

6.The promotions, policies and fees are subject to change without notice. LinkedKey reserves the right for final explanation.

7. Refund Policy

Within the first 5 classes after a course starts, if a student and parents decide to stop attending that course, please send an email to Your student account (for accessing homework and other course materials) will be closed and a refund will be arranged.Any discount associated with that course will no longer be applicable. 

For example: Joe enrolled in two courses: course A (tuition fee $500) and course B (tuition fee $600). After finishing half of the classes, Joe decided to withdraw from course A. He would then be credited for 500/2-50=$200, because the $50 Multi-Courses Discount would no longer be applicable after course A got withdrawn.

8. Class Absence

At LinkedKey, we do NOT encourage students to take absence on any classes. If a class is missed, please try to find another class time with the same class content to make up. Within any given semester, a student will receive max. 2 class credits for absent classes; The credits are NOT refundable and can only be used towards future tuition payment at LinkedKey. Parents or student must send the Class Absence Request to and the reason of absence must be included.

Absence and Credit during Online Course
As video recordings will be available for students to watch if they miss any classes, no absence credits will be issued. However, if students miss classes and the video recordings for the missing classes are NOT available, absence credits will be issued, and when that happens, a student will receive no more than 2 class credits for absent classes within any given semester. The credits are NOT refundable and can only be used towards future tuition payment at LinkedKey. Parents or students must send the Class Absence Request to and the reason of absence must be included.

9.Video Playback:

We strongly encourage students to attend the classes on time for better communication and learning experience. The video recording is just meant for helping students to catch up the class content should they have to miss certain classes. The video recordings will be kept for 4 weeks, and will be removed after.

10.Regulations on electronic equipment

1. Mobile phone, computer, iPad and other electronic devices are prohibited during class time. Keep smartphones on silent mode and in your pocket or backpack; computer or iPad screens must be closed when not in use (not necessarily turned off).
2. Students are allowed to use the electronic devices (mobile phone, computer and iPad) only during breaks or with the permission of the teacher for data access and personal use.

11. Code of Conduct for Student and Parents

Students should:

  • Show respect for self, others and school property
  • Help keep the classrooms tidy and clean, such as: tuck in chairs and pick up trash after each use
  • Learn and play safely with others
  • Exercise self-control and self-discipline
  • Come to school prepared, on time, and ready to learn
  • Report real or perceived bullying or dangerous incidents to an adult or school staff member

Students must NOT:

  • Engage in any form of behaviour that may cause harm or injury, such as: running, chasing, pushing, or slamming doors
  • Injure anyone with an object
  • Disrupt others’ learning
  • Use personal mobile electronic devices during class hours unless otherwise permitted by the teacher

Parents’ responsibilities:

  • Ensure to drop off and pick up your kid on time
  • Engage in your child’s school work and progress
  • Make sure your child is properly dressed and prepared for school
  • Keep the common area tidy and clean, such as: tuck in chairs and pick up trash after each use
  • Help your child follow the rules of behaviour
  • Help school staff deal with disciplinary issues involving you child
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