LinkedKey Physics

LinkedKey physics G12 class, they are able to deepen their understanding of physics concepts and theories. Our students will continue their exploration of energy transformations and the forces that affect motion, and will investigate electrical, gravitational, and magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. Students will also explore the wave nature of light, quantum mechanics, and special relativity. They will further develop their scientific investigation skills, learning to fully prepare studying on science and engineering.

In LinkedKey, our instructors and students will demonstrate special teaching and learning experience, here we make complicated physics concepts be easily understandable terms which are strongly connected to their daily life experiences. LinkedKey prepares a unique platform for our students which transforms them from scientific literary beginners into future scientists and engineers.

LinkedKey Chemistry

LinkedKey Chemistry enables each student to deepen his/her understanding of chemistry through the study of the properties of chemicals and chemical bonds; chemical reactions and quantitative relationships in those reactions; solutions and solubility; and atmospheric chemistry and the behaviour of gases; organic chemistry; the structure and properties of matter; energy changes and rates of reaction; equilibrium in chemical systems, and electrochemistry.

Here, in LinkedKey, our teachers will develop unique instructional strategy to help students pursue academic excellence in chemistry. Teachers bring enthusiasm and varied teaching and assessment approaches to the classroom, addressing individual students’ needs and ensuring sound learning opportunities for every student.

LinkedKey Physics & Chemistry Course

Physics G11 Curriculum

Physics G12 Curriculum

IB Physics SL (Standard Level)

LinkedKey strongly encourages our students to participate Sir Isaac Newton Contest prepared by Waterloo University.


IB Chemistry/ Chemistry G12

LinkedKey strongly encourage our students to participate Waterloo Chemistry Contest

Our Instructors



Instructor, Physics & Chemistry

Kenny is an accomplished teacher with a high degree in mathematics and teaching. He is a mathematics and physics teacher in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board and the Peel District School Board.  Additionally, he was a top researcher for the Canadian Space Society at York University. He is often described by students as “one of the most knowledgeable people”, and is known for his clear and informative lectures.