Our Approach to SAT

We teach both material and insight. In addition to having achieved the highest scores on the SAT, our teachers offer fresh insights into how to best approach the material and strategies they used themselves. All teachers are current Harvard Student Agencies members who have been fully trained over the last year to teach the updated version of the SAT. In addition, our unique teaching curriculum has been fully revamped to reflect the changes to the exam. The strategies that Harvard Student Agencies teachers teach are those they used themselves to succeed; they aim to pass on this firsthand knowledge and provide a student perspective that is fresh and relatable. In addition to helping students significantly improve their scores, we also teach them to become comfortable and confident with the SAT while demonstrating organizational and study skills that can be applied to any subject. Our lesson plan ensures that students not only understand the material during the lesson but also remember it weeks after - and are scheduled to lead right into the date of the SAT or ACT exam! Homework is assigned after each lesson to make use of the students' time outside of class.

Partnership with Harvard Student Agencies

LinkedKey has reached an agreement with Harvard Student Agencies (H.S.A) to provide Educational Programs to the students in the Great Toronto and Surrounding Areas.

All educational programs will be taught by the current Harvard University students.