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Mock Trial

LinkedKey Mock Trial

A once-a-week class where students will be placed into their own legal “legal teams”.

Over the course of a semester, students will work with their teammates and their coach to research, prepare, and argue a wide variety of cases

Topics will range from criminal trials to family trials, and even intellectual property issues

Will eventually prepare students for entry into the competitive Mock Trial circuit

What is Mock Trial

Intended to simulate a real court case, where students play the part of lawyers and witnesses. Presentations take place before a judge / jury. While common at the university / graduate level, Mock Trials are not commonly done at the high school level. A number of reasons for this. Perception that students are not sufficiently advanced. Lack of opportunities. Lack of mentorship / coaching.

Why Mock Trial

Introduces students to a challenging, nuanced form of argumentation, in both written and oral formats. Improve public speaking skills in a practical context. Develop a baseline knowledge of Canadian and US legal systems


2020 Empire Team LinkedKey Opening Ceremony Video

LinkedKey Mock Trial Class

Mock Trial
Recommend Grade 8 and above to learn

Mock Trial L1: Mock Trial L1 introduces students to the basics of legal advocacy. Students will learn about the trial process, and the role of the lawyer in the Canadian justice system. They will also receive an introduction to criminal law, torts, contracts, human rights, and corporate law. Classes will revolve around the case method, which uses real cases to help the students understand legal principles. In addition to legal theory, students will also get the opportunity to make legal arguments through short trial exercises, where they play the role of lawyers and witnesses, as well as “moots”, where they will argue real cases which have appeared before the Supreme Court.

Mock Trial L2: Mock Trial Level 2 focuses on preparing the students for mock trial competitions. Students will work on much more sophisticated cases over longer periods of time, and will have the opportunity to participate in full “trials”. To give students a more complete training in legal advocacy, the L2 courses also deals with alternative forms of advocacy, including negotiations, and will explore more complicated areas of law, including securities and intellectual property, along with more advanced concepts in criminal and constitutional law.

Mock Trial L3: Eventually prepare students for entry into the competitive Mock Trial Circuit


Our Instructors

Ivy W.

Ivy W.

Coach, Mock Trial

Ivy is currently a Juris Doctor candidate at University of Toronto Faculty of Law (10th best university for law according to Times Higher Education’s 2020 World University Rankings). She graduated with a BBA degree in undergrad and worked for two years in management consulting. Ivy has won the Best Lawyer and Champion at Undergraduate Mock Trials Canada’s 2018 Civil Division. Other than her stunning Mock Trial achievements, Ivy is also a very successfully debater, both in high school and university. She was selected to be on Team China for World Schools Debating Championships. Her most notable university debating achievements include winning Hart House IV, and making semifinals at North American Womxn and Gender Minorities Debate Championships and Cornell IV. She has been teaching, coaching and running training lessons at various levels.

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