LinkedKey Mathematics

LinkedKey's junior and senior high school mathematics synchronous tutoring program helps children master basic knowledge, improve math scores, and learn related courses ahead of time. The courses offered are: Ontario Standard Curriculum, IB Math Program, and AP Program.

LinkedKey’s Math Contest class expands on the basics of learning at school, increasing the difficulty and children's interest in learning. By developing a child's intellectual potential, logical ability, and problem-solving skills, LinkedKey lays a good foundation for higher-level and university courses. Participating North American competitions include the Waterloo Math Contest, the AMC, and the Mathematics Contests.

LinkedKey Mathematics Classes

Curriculum Classes
G9 Math,  G10 Math, G11 Math Functions, G12 Math Advanced Functions, G12 Math Calculus & Vectors, G12 Math Data Management

IB Math SL,  IB Physics SL, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, IB Chemistry SL

Contest Classes

G5-6 Math: Recommend Contest Fibonacci & Pythagoras math contest

G7 Math: Recommend Contest Euler & Gauss 7

G8 Math: Recommend Contest Lagrange & Gauss 8 & AMC 8

G9 Math: Recommend Contest Newton & Pascal & Fryer

G9-10 Math: Recommend Contest Newton (G9) & Pascal (G9) & Fryer (G9) & Cayley (G10) & Calois (G10)

G10 Math: Recommend Contest Cayley (G10) & Calois (G10) & AMC10 & Waterloo Series Contest G10

G11 Math: Recommend Contest AMC10/12 & Waterloo Series Contest G11

G11-12 Euclid: Recommend Contest Euclid Contest


Our Math Contest Awards

2018 Cayley 

HonourRoll: Charles Y, Ethan W

2018 Pascal 

HonourRoll: Ryan M, Shujian Z, Yifei M

2018 AMC 10

HonourRoll: qualifying for AIME,Ethan W

2017 AMC8

HonourHoll: Ryan M

2017  Mathkangaroo 

National Gold Medal GTA Regional Excellence: Ryan M

2017 CIMC (Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest)

Honour Roll: Ethan W

2017 COMC (Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge)

Honour Roll: Ethan W

 2017 Pascal

HonourRoll: Charles Y, Feiyang T, Ethan W

2017 Fryer 

Honour Roll: Ethan W

2017 Gauss7

HonourRoll: Erin Z

2017 Beaver computing challenge

Honour Roll: Ethan W

2016 Gauss8

HonourRoll: Charles Y

2016 Gauss7

HonourRoll: Andrea M

2016 AMC 8

HonourHoll: Erin Z

2015 Gauss 7

HonourRoll: Charles Y

2016 Gauss8

HonourRoll: David D

2013 Gauss 7

HonourRoll: Hanson L

Our Instructors