Dec 21-Jan 03: Christmas and New Year No Class at LinkedKey

Jan 11-13(Tentative): Queen's University Debate Tournament

Jan 19-Mar 02(Tentative): STEM Writing Contest-The New York Times(Explain a complex and interesting science, math, engineering or technology concept to a general audience. This contest is inspired by Trilobites, the Science Times column that does just that. )


Feb 01-02(Tentative): Western Debate Tournament

Feb 23-Apr 13(Tentative): Editorial Writing Contest-The New York Times(Write an editorial on an issue that matters to you. )

Feb 04(Tentative): AMC 10/12 A

Feb 10(Tentative): AMC 10/12 B

Feb 15-16(Tentative): Hart House Debate Tournament

Feb 15-17: Family Day Long Weekend No Class at LinkedKey

Feb 17(Tentative): Canadian Computing Contest

Feb 22-23(Tentative): York Women Debate Tournament

Feb 23(Tentative): King's MUN Conference

Feb 23(Tentative): Waterloo Math Contest: Pascal G9, Carley G10, Fermat G11


Mar 03(Tentative): Havergal MUN Conference

Mar 08-10(Tentative): Harvard World School Debate Tournament

Mar 09-10(Tentative): York U Women Debate Championship

Mar 14-20: March Break Long Weekend No Class at LinkedKey

Mar 22-23(Tentative): Thornhill Debate Tournament

Mar 22(Tentative): Don Mills MUN


Apr 07(Tentative): Math Contest: Euclid G12

Apr 05-06(Tentative): Northern Debate Tournament

Apr 06-07(Tentative): Ontario MUN Conference

Apr 14(Tentative): Waterloo Math Contest: Fryer G9, Galois G10, Hypatia G11

Apr 12(Tentative): BA MUN Conference

Apr 13(Tentative): AC MUN Conference

Apr 10-12: Good Friday Long Weekend No Class at LinkedKey

Apr 18(Tentative): Mathematica Math Contest: Fibonacci G5, Pythagoras G6, Euler G7, Lagrange G8, Newton G9


May 03(Tentative): SIN(Sir Isaac Newton) Physical Exam

May 11-12(Tentative): Ridge Debate Tournament

May 12(Tentative): Waterloo Math Contest: Gauss G7, Gauss  G8

May 16(Tentative): Avogadro Chemistry Exam

May 17-18(Tentative): Waterloo Debate Tournament

May 17-19(Tentative): Canada International Model MUN(CAMUN)

May 18(Tentative): KiMUN Conference

May 16-18: Victoria Day Long Weekend No Class at LinkedKey

May 26(Tentative): National Debate Championship

May 27(Tentative): Model City Hall Conference


Jun 10-Aug 19(Tentative): Summer Writing Contest-The New York Times(We ask, “What interested you most in The Times this week?” each Friday for 10 weeks. In a short comment, tell us what you’re reading and why. )


Jul 5-6: LinkedKey Debate Tournament

Jul 7: LinkedKey Model UN (KeyMUN) Conference




Sep 7: First day of LinkedKey


Oct 12-14: Thanksgiving Day Long Weekend No Class at LinkedKey

Oct 19-20(Tentative): McGill Debate Tournament

Oct 19(Tentative): Lakeshore MUN Conference

Oct 13-17(Tentative): Personal Narrative Writing Contest-The New York Times(Write a short, powerful story about a meaningful experience from your life — in 600 words or fewer)


Nov 29(Tentative): COMC

Nov 09-10(Tentative):University of Western Ontario High School Debate Tournament

Nov 110(Tentative): AMC 8

Nov 18(Tentative): CIMC & CSMC

Nov22-15(Tentative): SSUNS McGill MUN Conference

Nov 30-Dec 01(Tentative): York University Debate Tournament


Dec 06(Tentative): CCIMUN

Dec 21-Jan 03: Christmas and New Year No Class at LinkedKey