The world is changing faster than ever before.

Innovation in technology and financial sectors has a strong impact on the way we live. New careers are being created, while other careers are being automated. To successfully impact tomorrow's world, young people need to expose themselves to the latest trends, network with like-minded individuals, and understand how to adapt to the upcoming changes and uncertainties.  LinkedKey is designed to provide consulting and training services in education and technology. As a strong believer in innovation and communication, we strive to develop the next-generation to become leaders of tomorrow in various areas. Our main goal is to help young innovators and entrepreneurs succeed by providing:

Upon validating your business, our network will help you connect with and pitch to investors when the time is right.
Turn your ideas into a reality by learning how to successfully execute on a self-driven project. We’ve built startups before. We’ll make sure you don’t make the same mistakes we did.
Medical, Technology, Finance, Investment, Management and more
Leverage our world-class networks to gain deeper knowledge in advanced subject areas, while receiving guidance on academic and professional opportunities.

Build a portfolio that will be used for university and job applications by publishing articles, developing your online presence, and generating thought leadership.

Market intelligence and connections to talent and customers

We’ll work together on your business and marketing strategy, growth and how to connect with more talents and customers.

Our program

Introduction To Innovation

Learn to Innovate

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Computer Fundamentals

Learn the foundations of technology and coding.

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Computer Contests

Solve puzzles in the technology world.

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AP Computer Science

Learn how to ace the AP computer science exam.

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Understand how to find patterns in numbers

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Artificial Intelligence

Teach a computer to think.

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Denys L.

Denys L.

Instructor, Innovation Program
Denys' Bio

Denys is an innovation instructor at LinkedKey teaching Computer Fundamentals and Computer Contest classes. He is a third year student at U of T studying computer science.

Programming and Teaching Experience

Denys has previously taught Public Speaking, Debate and Computer Fundamentals at LinkedKey as well as leading his Highschool debate and computer science clubs.
Denys has worked a number of internships building mobile and web applications at companies such as RBC & Geotab.
He’s also built mobile apps and websites for clients and currently leads the student group of Silicon Halton called Tech Under Twenty.

Denys is currently in his third year of Computer Science and Employment relations at U of T. He previously completed the International Baccalaureate at White Oaks Secondary School.
Mr. Fu

Mr. Fu

Teacher, Mathematics

Mr. Fu graduated from Nanjing University, and has taught physics and mathematics in various Chinese Universities and high schools. He later obtained undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in physics and mathematics in Canada. Since then, Mr. Fu has taught mathematics and physics at Ontario public schools for more than 20 years. His teaching style has been described as rigorous, yet reasonable and methodical. He is a patient, compassionate, open-minded, and wise individual – a rare teacher and true friend.

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