Our Unique Program

This is a program where the theoretical meets the practical and offers students a well rounded educational experience.

Our courses offer practical and real life scenarios for students to apply their knowledge. It offers a wellness component which is very crucial to overall health and well being. We will give students tools to be successful academically and personally.

Examples include stress reduction techniques, mindfulness relaxation exercises, conflict resolution using proper communication and how to assert yourself. The theoretical is fused with the practical. Students need to know how to balance school with life so they can be successful. It's a very modern, current and holistic approach to education that we've developed. Students will see the meaning behind learning.

Our Instructors

Diane Marie Cabral

Diane Cabral currently works as an English teacher with the Toronto District School Board. After achieving her Masters Degree in English from York University, she spent two years teaching at the Intermediate Level at Chisholm Academy, a school devoted to students with Individual Education Plans.

Ms. Cabral believes very strongly in differentiated learning. Her classes emphasize the development of critical thinking and student centered learning.

May Hao

Ms. Hao has been a secondary teacher at the Toronto District school for over 6 years. She has taught numerous social science courses, English, ESL, vocal music and instrumental music. After completing high school in the TDSB, she completed both her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. During that time, she has worked at Dynamix-Team building for kids and teens as well the Bach Children's Chorus. Her philosophy of education is to create a caring and supportive environment for every student to find their truest passion and reach their fullest potential. She hopes to inspire her students to be mindful, creative and compassionate citizens of today's world.

Grade 6-7 Curriculum

Grade 8-9 Curriculum

Grade 10 Curriculum

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