The Core Value of Practicing Debate

Debate offers students a platform to master the delivery of rational, coherent arguments. It enables them to create a compelling narrative by utilizing rhetorical eloquence; instills a great sense of poise and self-confidence and teaches the skills of researching, organizing, and presenting information in a persuasive format.

Why Us

Our instructors are seasoned debaters themselves; collectively, they have debated at hundreds of internationally-renowned tournaments all over the world. They have competed against some of the best debaters of their time and are now passionate in delivering a comprehensive and engaging curriculum to students all across Ontario. As a school, our goal starts and ends with providing students with insightful and eye-opening experiences so that they can pursue their own passions and dreams in the future.

Our Classes


Learn to communicate your ideas in front of people

Introduction to the debate way of thinking and style
Becoming comfortable with debate, introducing more complicated topics
Elevating the students' performance

Preparing for local competition


Preparing for national and international levels

Our Debate Tournaments and Awards

Iroquois Ridge Debate Tournament 2017

Iroquois Ridge Debate Tournament 2017

University of  Ottawa Debate Tournament 2017

Our Instructors

Brent S.

Brent S.

Head Coach, Debate
Brent's Bio

Brent has been teaching and competing at debate tournaments for more than 7 years. As a debater, Brent competed for Western University and the University of Toronto, achieving multiple speaker awards and tournament victories in different debate styles both in Canada and abroad. Brent has taught and trained debaters of all ages, ranging from students as young as grade 6 to some of the best university debaters in Canada and the United States. As a debater and instructor, Brent has a wide range of experience in debate and is well respected in the high school and university debating circuits throughout North America.

Julia K.

Julia K.

Coach, Debate
Julia's Bio

– Accepted by Columbia Law School, Columbia University
– President of Queen’s University Debating Union
– Chief Adjudicator, Chancellor’s Cup Debating Tournament at Queen’s University
– 2016 North American Women’s Debate Championship, Second Individual Speaker
– 2015 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships, Champion and Second individual speaker
– 2015 Yale Intervarsity, Second ranked team and Third individual speaker

Katrina D.

Katrina D.

Coach, Debate
Katrina's Bio

– Former President of the University of Western Ontario Debate Society
– Finalist at Canadian Parliamentary Championship 2016
– North American Championships 2016; Finals panellist
– Finalist at Canadian BP Championship 2015
– Finals panellist at DCA of Chancellor’s Cup 2015
– Semi-finalist at North American University Debating Championship 2014
– Semi-finalist at Chancellor’s Cup 2014

Logan Y.

Logan Y.

Coach, Debate
Logan's Bio

Logan is a former member of Canada National Debate team, currently study at Yale/NUS, majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and taking a minor in Computer Science. In college, he has reached the out-rounds at tournaments such as the Asian British Parliamentary Championships and the Hong Kong Debate Open. Logan has extensive coaching experience, having coached beginner, intermediate and senior debaters in many summer workshops and camps.

Mars H.

Mars H.

Coach, Debate
Mars' Bio

– Current Student at Harvard
– Vice President of Operations and Training at Harvard College Debate Union
– 2016 Brandeis University Debate Tournament Champion
– 2015 Brown University Debate Tournament Champion
– 2015 Princeton University Debate Tournament Champion
– 2014 Boston University Novice Debate Tournament Champion
Swish G.

Swish G.

Coach, Debate
Swish's Bio

– Current student at Accelerated Interdisciplinary Legal Education 3+3 program with Columbia University and University of Toronto;
– Represented Canada at the World Schools Debating Championship in year 2015, year 2014 and year 2013;
– Inaugurated into World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) Hall of Fame;
– Elected as Director for Outreach of the Canadian Student Debating Federation;
– Canada’s Top 20 under 20 award in 2015

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