Teresa K. graduated with High Honours from the University of Toronto, and obtained her degree through the English, History, and Renaissance Studies departments. While completing her studies, she was nominated for a number of essay awards, served as a volunteer note-taker for thirteen separate classes, wrote letters of recommendation for professors, and published six of her poems through The Gargoyle.

Teresa first discovered her passion and proficiency for teaching while working with students though the University of Toronto’s International English Program (IEP). Over the course of five summers, she worked with and mentored students of all ages and skill levels, and ultimately helped them to discover a lifelong enthusiasm for reading, writing, and literary analysis.

Her writing abilities encompass a versatile range of skills including essay writing, academic writing, creative writing, as well as business and corporate writing. In the classroom, Teresa combines her dynamism and kindness with her passion to help students elevate their writing, grammar, and English comprehension. Her teaching style is characterized by adaptability, academic integrity, and her ability to curate a positive and productive learning environment. While her expectations are high, Teresa’s foremost goal is to curb apprehensions about reading and writing for her students.