Ms. Stephine graduated from the Faculty of Education, University of Toronto, Ms. Wang specializes in teaching high school mathematics. She is devoted in curriculum planning for the IBDP and gifted program. She also regularly marks various math contests for the University of Waterloo. Ms. Wang is a permanent staff at an Ontario public high school, teaching IBDP mathematics. As a member of the new generation of international students, she has gained a strong academic foundation from the elite class of Chinese key school system, and a full experience at Canadian local high school and university. She takes the benefits from both education systems and applies to her own teaching. She focuses on helping students synthesize, consolidate, and make connections among key concepts. She uses classic examples to guide students to develop more problem solving strategies, and consequently to increase their confidence in critical analysis. Ms. Wang is knowledgeable in IB math IA writing, external exam questions and marking criteria. Many students have earned level 7 under her guidance. Her meticulous working ethics are well respected among students and parents.