Mrs. Liu is a mathematics program graduate from a Normal University in China. She has over 10 years of experience teaching middle and high school math in middle schools. Moreover, she was once a district special researcher, where she participated in the writing and development of new teaching material. After immigration, Mrs. Liu did dedicated research into Canadian elementary math teaching material as well as the various types of questions typically seen in math contests. She is also familiar with the IB and AP curriculums. Mrs. Liu compares focus points between Chinese and Canadian math teaching materials and analyzes learning patterns of students from these two countries. This has helped her devise an effective teaching method which she incorporates into her teaching routine. She is proficient at simplifying complicated problems and seeking in-depth extensions to simple problems, training her students’ critical thinking skills and helping them successfully transition into university. Mrs. Liu is passionate about teaching middle and high school math and is an enthusiastic educator who is popular among parents.