McGill Bonanza Debate Tournament - March 2023
Champion: Jerry Zh.
Finalist: Jerry Zh., Sarah L., Caylee P.
Jr Finalist: Austin Zh., Jiya G.
Top Team: Sarah L. and Caylee P.
Top Speaker: Sarah L.

McMaster Debate Tournament - March 2023
Champion: Xikai F. and Dennis L.
Top Team: Xikai F. and Dennis L.
Top Speaker: Chris H.

Western Winter Debate Tournament - Feb 2023
Junior Champion: Anegla Q.
8th Team: Angela Q. and Grace Q.
8th Speaker: Angela Q.
4th Jr Team: Angela Q.

Hart House Debate Tournament - Feb 2023
Champion: Rally L.
Top Jr Speaker: Wenqi S.
Finalist: Melissa P., Andrew L., Jin Zh.
2nd Team: Crystal Zh.
3rd Team: Caylee P.
4th Team: Jin Zh.
5th Team: Hao N.
10th Team: Melissa P. and Andrew L.
4th Speaker: Grace L.
6th Speaker: Hao N.
6th Jr Team: Ella F.
8th Jr Team: Evan G.
6th Jr Speaker: Angela Q.
8th Jr Speaker: Jayden L.

Queen's National HS Debate Tournament - March 2023
Champion: Neil Y. and Eddy Zh.
Top Jr Team: Hannah L. and Alex J.
Finalist: Sarah L., Eddy Zh., Neil Y.
2nd Team: Jin Zh.
3rd Team: Neil Y. and Eddy Zh.
4th Team: Sarah L.
5th Team: Jerry Zh.
7th Team: Andy L. and Rebecca L.
9th Team: Hannah L. and Alex J.
10th Team: Andy Zh.
3rd Speaker: Jin Zh.
4th Speaker: Sophie G., Andy L.
7th Speaker: Rebecca L., Stephaine Ch., Steven Ch., Kelvin F.
6th Jr Team: Nathan Y.
8th Jr Team: Shirly Y.
2nd Jr Speaker: Alex J.
4th Jr Speaker: Angela Q., Hannah L.
7th Jr Speaker: Jeanne H., Shirley Y.

Western Fall HS Debate Tournament - Nov 2022
Champion: Sarah L.
Top Team: Eddy Zh. and Neil Y.
Top Speaker: Neil Y.
3rd Team: Sarah L.
2nd Speaker: Sarah L.
2nd Jr Team: Angela Q.
3rd Jr Speaker: Ella F.
6th Jr Speaker Myra D.
10th Jr Speaker: Sophie L.

Autumn Int'l Debate Championships - Nov 2022
Champion: Sophia Sh.
3rd Team: Roy L. and Ved H.
4th Team: Sophia Sh.
7th Team: Sophia X. and Melissa L.
9th Team: Danny Zh.
2nd Speaker: Roy L. and Ved H

OSDU Provincial BP Qualifier - Oct 2022
Senior Top Team: Crystal Zh.
Junior Top Team: Angela Q.
4th Team: Dennis L. and Andy Y.
5th Team: Hao N.
6th Team: Jin Zh.
7th Team: Caylee P.
8th Team: Suri S.
3rd Speaker: Caylee P.
6th Team: Andy L.
10th Team: Dennis L. and Hao N.
2nd Jr Team: Sunny Y. and Angela L.
3rd Jr Team: Ella F.
4th Jr Team: Lillian X.
6th Jr Team: Andrew L.
8th Jr Team: Shirley Y.
3rd Jr Speaker: Sunny Y.
5th Jr Speaker: Shirley Y.
6th Jr Speaker: Lillian X.
10th Jr Speaker: Angela L.

McGill Debate Tournament - Oct 2022
Champion: Crystal Zh.
Top Team: Sarah L. and Jin Zh.
Top Jr Speaker: Angela Q.
Finalist: Sarah L., Jin Zh., Angela L.
Semi-Finalist: Sarah L., Jin Zh., Angela L., Crystal Zh., Andrew L., Hao N., Eddy Zh., Sophie G.
2nd Team: Hao N.
5th Team: Eddy Zh. and Sophie G.
6th Team: Andrew L.
7th Team: Crystal Zh.
8th Team: Angela L.
9th Team: Grace L.
4th Speaker: Hao N.
6th Speaker: Sarah L.
7th Speaker: Andrew L.
9th Speaker: Jin Zh.
3rd Jr Speaker: Angela L.
6th Jr Speaker: Shangru Y.
8th Jr Speaker: Shirly Y.

National Sr Debate Tournament - Apr 2022
Senior National Debate Championship English Champion: Andrew Sh.
Senior National Debate Championship French Champion: Silvia X and Vivianne D.

2021 Southern BP High School Debate Tournament - Apr 2021
Grand-finalist: Oliver M., Amy J., Andy Zh.
Semi-finalist: Amy J., Oliver M., Andy Zh., Amy L.
Third Speaker: Amy J.
Fourth Speaker: Andy Zh.
Fifth Speaker: Oliver M.
First Junior Speaker: Andy Zh.

2021 Saskatoon WSDC - Apr 2021
Champion: Crystal Zh.
Gold finalist: Randy Ch.
Sliver finalist: Jin Zh.
Sixth Speaker: Rally L.

2021 OSDU Junior Provincial Championships - Mar 2021
Second Team: Grace L.
Third Team: Debbie W.
Forth Team: Suri S. and Amy L.
Fifth Team: Dora H. and Sienna S.
First Speaker: Grace L.
Third Speaker: Debbie W.
Seventh Speaker: Suri S.
Eighth Speaker: Jin Zh.
Tenth Speaker: Dora H.

2021 Harvard WSS - Mar 2021
Finalist: Randy Ch.
Octo-finalist: Caroline D., Randy Ch.
Double-finalist: Grace L., Paul Zh., Halina L., Edward Y., Alyssa L., Ethan Ch., Rally L., Angie L., Caroline D., Hao N., Randy Ch.
Full Triples: Jenny OuY., Emily H., Roy Zh., Sarah L., Michelle P., Xuan Shi R., Crystal Zh., Angelina Zh., Jerry Zh., Grace L., Paul Zh., Halina L., Fiona Sh., Ethan L., Edward Y., Alyssa L., Ethan Ch., Rally L., Angie L., Edie H., Stephanie Ch., Beckie G., Caroline D., Jin Zh., Claire Ch., Hao N., Randy Ch.
Fifth Speaker: Angie L.
Tenth Speaker: Halina L.
Twenty-third: Alyssa L.
Twenty-ninth: Edward Y.
Forty-first: Ethan Ch.
Forty-second: Paul Zh.
Forty-seventh: Edie H.
Fifty-third: Grace L.
Fifty-fifth: Randy Ch.
Sixty-sixth:Hao N.
Seventy-sixth:Rally L.
Ninth-Second:XiKai(Kelvin) F.

2021 Western Spring Debate - Mar 2021
Finalist: Clair Ch. & Jin Zh.
Semi-finalist: Clair Ch.&Jin Zh., Grace L.&Suri S., Rally L.&Ethen Ch.
Forth Speaker: Grace L.
Fifth Speaker: Suri S.
Seventh Speaker: Victor Ch.
Eighth Speaker: Rally L.
Ninth Speaker: Clair Ch.
Tenth Speaker: Ethan L.
First Junior Speaker: Grace L.
Second Junior Speaker: Suri S.
Sixth Junior Speaker: Sarah L.
Eight Junior Speaker: Jin Zh.
Ninth Junior Speaker: Edie H.


Model UN:


Harvard Dubai MUNC - Jun 2022
Outstanding Delegate, Halle M. in the SOCHUM
Honorable Mention, Kevin F. in the Legal Committee
Diplomatic Commnendation, Sophia W. in WHO

MIT MUNC - Feb 2022
Best Delegate, Ishaan B.

UTMUN - Feb 2022
Outstanding Delegate, Kevin F.
Best Position Paper, Sylvia Zh.

Ameri  MUNC - Jan 2022
Diplomatic Commendation, Ishaan B.

Harvard Dubai MUNC - Nov 2021
Honorable Mention, David M. and Andrew J. in the UNICEF Committee
Honorable Mention, Benedict W. and Saanvi D. in the ECOSOC Committee
Honorable Mention, Glen H. in the Crimea Committee
LinkedKey Team placed Outstanding Small Delegation!

SSUNS - Nov 2021
Best Delegate, Alexis F. in the ECLAC Committee
Best Delegate, Edward L. in the 2008 Financial Crisis Committee
Best Delegate, Charles L. in the AD-HOC Committee
Best Delegate, Carmen K. in the SpaceX Committee

Harvard Dubai MUNC - Jun 2021
Best Delegate, Glen H., Evan G., John M.
Outstanding Delegate, Amanda G.
Honourable Mention, Halle M., Shane S.
Diplomatic Commendation, Jonathan L., Saanvi D.

Model City Hall - May 2021
Honorable Mention, Glen H.
Honorable Mention, Jerry Zh.
Honorable Mention, Mia L.

ACMUN - Apr 2021
Outstanding Delegate, Halle M.
Honorable Mention, Hannah L.
Honorable Mention, Alexis F.

CMUNC(Cornell MUN) - Apr 2021
Honorable Mention, Glen H.
Honorable Mention, Selena Zh.

2020 Model City Hall - Feb 2020
Best Delegate, Tina in the Climate Change Committee
Best Delegate, Debbie W. in the Hate in Hamilton Committee
Outstanding Delegate, Jerry Zh. in the Climate Change Committee
Honorable Mention, Emily F. in the Agriculture Committee

2020 UTMUN(University of Toronto) - Feb 2020
Outstanding Delegate, Shane S. in the Truth and Reconciliation Committee
Honorable Mention, Selena Zh. in the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
Best Position Paper Award, Charles L. in the Commission on the Status of Women

2019 SSUNS - Oct 2019
Best Delegate, Oscar Y. in the World Health Organization: Regional Office Africa
Outstanding Delegate, Grace Zh. in Associationof South East Nations
Honorable Mention, Jerry Zh. in the Disarmament and International Security Committee

2019 Canada International MUN Conference
Best Delegate, Shane S.
Outstanding Delegate, Eric Y.
Honorable Mention, Charles L.

2019 BAMUN Conference
Best Delegate, Edward Y.
Outstanding Delegate, Ethan W., Grace Zh.
Honourble Mention, Debbie W., Eric Y.

2019 KiMUN Conference
Best Delegate, Grace Zh.
Honourble Mention, Edward Y.

2018 Lakeshore MUN Conference
Honourable Mention, Eric Y
Best Delegate, Ameena N

2018 CCIMUN Conference
Honourable Mention, Eric X and Paul Z
Outstanding Delegate, Charles L and Oscar Y

2018 SSUNS (McGill MUN) Conference
1st Place Award in CELAC, Charles L
1st Place Award in NHL Committee, Shane S
3rd Place in NAM, Eric X
Book Award in RCAP, Ameena N

2018 CMUNC (Cornell's High School Model UN ) Conference
Honourable Mention in SOCHUM, Angie L.

2018 AMUN 
Best Delegate, Edward Y

2018 King’s MUN 
Outstanding Delegate, Eric Y

2018 King’s MUN 
Outstanding Delegate, Edward Y

2018 Havergal MUN 
Honourable Delegate, Angie L

Writing  Competition:

2020 The New York Times Editoral Writing Competition
Honourable Mentions(Mid School): Grace L.

Round three Finalist (High School): Jessica W.



2020 Pascal Honor Roll: Emily Sh., Tom Y,Dixit S. Vincent S., Jasper W
2020 Cayley Honor Roll: Joey Z., Ryan M., Yihui W., Oliver M., Shujian Zh.,  Sophie X., Derek Y., Elaine J., Xiaoyu R.
2020 Fermat Honor Roll: Qiao H, Andrew Y., Owen W., Wasay S., Tony X.
2020 CIMC Honor Roll: Joey Z., Shujian Zh., Qianhui J., Yihui W., Charles R., Allen Y., Mark Ch., Harrison L., Simona L., Oliver M.

2020 CSMC Honor Roll: Ethan W., Qiao H., James Y., Dennis P., Ruby S.
2019 AMC8 Honor Roll: Allen Y., YingShan X., Andy T., Gordon G L., Annie W., David B Sh., Katie M.
2019 AMC8 Certificate of Achievement: Gordon G L., Elaine L., Gavin Ch.
2020 AMC10/12 Honor Roll of Distinction: Hao Lin G., Joey Z., Martin T.
2020 AMC12 Qualifying for AIME: Etha W., Qianhui J., Angela C., Martin T., Derek Y., Owen P., Boao Zh., HaoLin G., Jozy Z., Sam H X.

2018 AMC HonourRoll: Allen Y, Charles R, Adah G, Vincent S, Oliver M, Jason K, Katie M, Kevin W, Samantha D, Steven H, Kevin Y, Christopher L, Grace H, Qi N, Stella X, Nicole L, XiaohanW, Angela Y, Hangchen L, Joshua L, Frank L.
2018 AMC 8 Distinguished HonorRoll: Allen Y, Charles R,
2018 AMC 8 Certificate of Achievement: Katie M, Nicole L, Joshua L, Qi N, Xiaohan W
2018 AMC10 Qualifying for AIME, Ethan W
2018 COMC HonourRoll: Qiao H, Joey Z, Ethan Ch,
2018 CSMC HonourRoll, Ethan W,
2018 CIMC HonourRoll, Andrew Y, Qiao H, Ryan M, Curtis A, Benjamin W, Jerry K,
2018 Cayley HonourRoll, Charles Y., Ethan W.
2018 Pascal HonourRoll, Ryan M., Shujian Z., Yifei M.,

2017 AMC 8 HonourHoll, Ryan M.,
2017 MathKangaroo National Gold Medal, GTA Regional Excellence, Ryan M
2017 CIMC (Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest) Honour Roll, Ethan W.,
2017 COMC (Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge) Honour Roll, Ethan W,
2017 Pascal HonourRoll, Charles Y., Feiyang T., Ethan W.
2017 Fryer Honour Roll, Ethan W.
2017  Gauss 7 HonourRoll, Erin Z.
2017 Beaver computing challenge Honour Roll, Ethan W.

2016 Gauss 8 HonourRoll, Charles Y.
2016 Gauss 7 HonourRoll, Andrea M
2016  AMC 8 HonourRoll, Erin Z.

2015 Gauss 7  HonourRoll, Charles Y.

2014 Gauss 8 HonourRoll, David D.

2013 Gauss & HonourRoll, Hanson L

Mock Trial:


2022 Empire Eclipse
Outstanding Witness Sunny Y.
Outstanding Attorney James L.