LinkedKey 3D Printing

3D printing and design has a steep learning curve. Our course eases students into learning these advanced concepts at the beginning by having small classes, this allows the students to be engaged in the interactive lessons. We begin with the basics of how 3D printing works, how to solve issues that arise, and tweaking the settings on your printer. Roughly half way through the course students begin to model their own parts, and learn the basic facets of good design. The students then collaborate together on a project where it is required for them to communicate and designate tasks, to practice working together in teams. The course ends with a final project that spans 3 classes, where they must create an advanced design to solve a problem they faced or currently face, and create a presentation to effectively express their design choices and reasoning.

What is 3D Printing

The world of additive manufacturing is emerging quickly, with intriguing aspects such as extremely low waste compared to traditional subtractive manufacturing methods. 3D printing is now at the stage that it is a household name, and available in most schools, libraries, and tech related company. Learning to harness the power of this new technology opens doors for young, creative minds to explore the world of designing and making. 3D printing is not just a fad, it is here to stay, and will continue to evolve until it is fully adopted by industry manufacturing.

Our Instructors

Brian M.

Brian M.

3D Printing Coach

Brian has been participating in robotics competitions for 7 years in FIRST. He was the design lead for 2 years on his high school robotics team and now oversees the entire robot creation process. He has hundreds of hours of 3D printing experience and is professionally certified in Solidworks. Brian also has experience in software development in eye tracking devices, using C#, Java, and JS