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The Spring Semester for 2021 Feb 6th - 2021 Jun 19th
Registration starts: Jan 3rd, 2021

Disclaimer: The tentative schedule is subject to change. For the final class schedule, please refer to our Portal system (

New Courses offered in 2021 Spring Semester:


US Debate

English Category:

Short Story & Current Affairs, University Application

Math Curriculum Category:  

G10 Curriculum Video+Review, G11 Function Video+Review, G12 Adv Functions Video+Review,

AP Category:

AP Chemistry Enhanced: G12 Chemistry is prerequisites of AP Chemistry Enhanced.

AP Statistics

AP Biology

Standard Test:

SAT Math, SSAT Middle(G6) Math, SSAT Upper(G8) Math

Online Classes:

With safety and health considerations (caused by the COVID-19), the classes in 2020 Fall Semester will still be conducted online. Once the class registration is completed, please refer to "Messaging" in our Portal system for Zoom Class ID and Password.

Video Playback:

We strongly encourage students to attend the classes on time for better communication and learning experience. The video recording is just meant for helping students to catch up the class content should they have to miss certain classes. The video recordings will be kept for 4 weeks, and will be removed after.

Absence and Credit:

As video recordings will be available for students to watch if they miss any classes, no absence credits will be issued. However, if students miss classes and the video recordings for the missing classes are NOT available, absence credits will be issued, and when that happens, a student will receive no more than 2 class credits for absent classes within any given semester. The credits are NOT refundable and can only be used towards future tuition payment at LinkedKey. Parents or student must send the Class Absence Request to and the reason of absence must be included.


2021 Spring Schedule

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Download the schedule here

2021 Spring Course Schedule and Coach List

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LinkedKey Terms of Sign Up

All students will start signing up for 2021  Spring Semester on Jan 3rd.

The business hour for Sign Up is between 2 PM and 8 PM on Mon to Fri, 9 AM-9 PM on Sat and Sun.

By signing up LinkedKey's programs, you grant the right for LinkedKey to take photographs and/or video recordings of you during your participation in The LinkedKey programs. You authorize LinkedKey to copyright, to use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.