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The Spring Semester for  5th Feb 2022 -  Jun 2022 
Registration starts: Dec 8th, 2021

Disclaimer: The tentative schedule is subject to change. For the final class schedule, please refer to our Portal system (

Early bird family bundle is still available for 2022 Spring courses,Each Family register

One Course get 5%OFF
Two Courses get 10%OFF
Three Courses get 15%OFF
Four Courses and above get 20%OFF
The deadline of Early bird family bundle is 31st Dec 2021.

New Courses offered in 2022 Spring Semester:


Level 1 Introduction to Chess. (CFC rating under 500 ).  Online/In-person.

Level 2 Beginner. (CFC rating 501 to 800),  Online/In-person.

Level 3 Intermediate. (CFC rating 801 to 1100). Online/In-person.

Level 4 Advance 1  (CFC Rating 1101 to 1400). Online/In- person.

Level 5 Advance 2  (CFC Rating 1401 to 1700). Online-only. Taught by IM.

Level 6  Expert. (CFC Rating 1701 to 2000).  Online-only. Taught by IM.

Chess special lessons

Chess Endgame lesson Beginner. (CFC under 1000)  In-person.

A very solid and fundamental lesson taught by FIDE Master, FIDE Instructor Jura Ochkoos.

Chess Endgame lesson Advance. (CFC over 1000). In-person.

 A very solid and fundamental lesson taught by FIDE Master, FIDE Instructor Jura Ochkoos.

In Person Course:
Debate L1-5 In Person Class
Math Contest G7

AP Category:

AP Statistics
AP Biology Enhanced(The student is required to learnt G12 Biology.)
AP Physics 1 Enhanced(The student is required to learnt G11 Physics.)
AP Physics 2 Enhanced(The student is required to learnt G12 Physics.)
AP Chemistry Enhanced(The student is required to learnt G12 Chemistry.)
AP Maro Economics
AP Micro Economics

Online Classes:

With safety and health considerations (caused by the COVID-19), the classes in 2022 Fall Semester will still be conducted mix with online and in person. Once the class registration is completed, please refer to "Calendar" in our Portal system click to Join the Online Course.

Video Playback:

We strongly encourage students to attend the classes on time for better communication and learning experience. The video recording is just meant for helping students to catch up the class content should they have to miss certain classes. The video recordings will be kept for 4 weeks, and will be removed after.

Absence and Credit:

As video recordings will be available for students to watch if they miss any classes, no absence credits will be issued. However, if students miss classes and the video recordings for the missing classes are NOT available, absence credits will be issued, and when that happens, a student will receive no more than 2 class credits for absent classes within any given semester. The credits are NOT refundable and can only be used towards future tuition payment at LinkedKey. Parents or student must send the Class Absence Request to and the reason of absence must be included.


For Coronavirus Disease 2019 specific guidance please refer to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidance.

Public Health Ontario and the Ministry of Health continue to develop guidance specific to COVID-19 to assist public health and health care workers. Please refer to the resources and links below.

Our Recent Achievement


2020 McMaster Debate Tournament - Feb 2020
Champion: Jacob L. and Joseph W.
Semi-finalist: Victor ch. and Ryan H. and Randy Ch. and Stephen W.
Second Speaker: Amy Zh.
Fifth Speaker: Joseph W.
Seventh Speaker: Jacob L.

2020 Hart House Debate Tournament - Feb 2020
Champion: James Y.
Semi-Finalist: Heather L.
Fourth Speaker: Angie L.
Tenth Speaker:Andrew Sh.

Junior Champion: Randy Ch.
Jr Semifinalist: Alyssa L. and Emily Sh. and Silvia X and Rally L.
Jr Top Speaker: Randy Ch.
Jr Second Speaker: Maria X.
Jr Third Spearker: Rally L.
Jr Sixth Speaker: Allenna T.
Jr Seventh Speaker: William Sh.
Jr Eighth Speak: Alyssa L. Edward Y.
Jr Tenth Speaker: Ethan Ch.

2019 Western Debate Tournament - Nov 2019
Junior Champion: Emily Sh and Sarah L
Semi-finalist: Ansel Ch and Hao L
First Speaker: Ethan Ch
Third Speaker: Edward Y
Sixth Speaker: James Y
Tenth Speaker: Jacob L
First Junior Speaker: Ethan Ch
Second Junior Speaker: Edward Y
Third Junior Speaker: Selena Zh
Fourth Junior Speaker:Randy Ch
Seventh Junior Speaker: Emily Sh and Sarah L
Ninth Junior Speaker: Allenna T

More Debate Achievement... 

Model UN:

2020 Model City Hall - Feb 2020
Best Delegate,
Tina in the Climate Change Committee
Debbile W. in the Hate in Hamilton Committee
Outstanding Delegate, Jerry Zh. in the Climate Change Committee
Honorable Mention, Emily F. in the Agriculture Committee

2020 UTMUN(University of Toronto) - Feb 2020
Outstanding Delegate, Shane S. in the Truth and Reconciliation Committee
Honorable Mention, Selena Zh. in the Economic and Financial Affairs Council
Best Position Paper Award, Charles L. in the Commission on the Status of Women

2019 SSUNS - Oct 2019
Best Delegate, Oscar Y. in the World Health Organization: Regional Office Africa
Outstanding Delegate, Grace Zh. in Associationof South East Nations
Honorable Mention, Jerry Zh. in the Disarmament and International Security Committee

2019 Canada International MUN Conference
Best Delegate, Shane S.
Outstanding Delegate, Eric Y.
Honorable Mention, Charles L.

Writing  Competition:

2020 The New York Times Editoral Writing Competition
Honourable Mentions(Mid School): Grace L.

Round three Finalist (High School): Jessica W.

More MUN Achievement...


2020 Pascal Honor Roll: Emily Sh., Tom Y,Dixit S. Vincent S., Jasper W
2020 Cayley Honor Roll: Joey Z., Ryan M., Yihui W., Oliver M., Shujian Zh.,  Sophie X., Derek Y., Elaine J., Xiaoyu R.
2020 Fermat Honor Roll: Qiao H, Andrew Y., Owen W., Wasay S., Tony X.
2020 CIMC Honor Roll: Joey Z., Shujian Zh., Qianhui J., Yihui W., Charles R., Allen Y., Mark Ch., Harrison L., Simona L., Oliver M.

2020 CSMC Honor Roll: Ethan W., Qiao H., James Y., Dennis P., Ruby S.
2019 AMC8 Honor Roll: Allen Y., YingShan X., Andy T., Gordon G L., Annie W., David B Sh., Katie M.
2019 AMC8 Certificate of Achievement: Gordon G L., Elaine L., Gavin Ch.
2020 AMC10/12 Honor Roll of Distinction: Hao Lin G., Joey Z., Martin T.
2020 AMC12 Qualifying for AIME: Etha W., Qianhui J., Angela C., Martin T., Derek Y., Owen P., Boao Zh., HaoLin G., Jozy Z., Sam H X.

2018 AMC HonourRoll: Allen Y, Charles R, Adah G, Vincent S, Oliver M, Jason K, Katie M, Kevin W, Samantha D, Steven H, Kevin Y, Christopher L, Grace H, Qi N, Stella X, Nicole L, XiaohanW, Angela Y, Hangchen L, Joshua L, Frank L.
2018 AMC 8 Distinguished HonorRoll: Allen Y, Charles R,
2018 AMC 8 Certificate of Achievement: Katie M, Nicole L, Joshua L, Qi N, Xiaohan W
2018 AMC10 Qualifying for AIME, Ethan W
2018 COMC HonourRoll: Qiao H, Joey Z, Ethan Ch,
2018 CSMC HonourRoll, Ethan W,
2018 CIMC HonourRoll, Andrew Y, Qiao H, Ryan M, Curtis A, Benjamin W, Jerry K,
2018 Cayley HonourRoll, Charles Y., Ethan W.
2018 Pascal HonourRoll, Ryan M., Shujian Z., Yifei M.,

More Math Contest Achievement...

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We offer a number of programs to help you succeed in middle school, high school and beyond!


Critical thinking and communication

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Model UN

Conflict resolution is not just for diplomats

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Enrich your business preparation experience.

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Public Speaking

Learn to stand up in front of group of people and clearly articulate a point in a number of styles.

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English & French

The theoretical meets the practical and offers students a well rounded educational experience.

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Build and deliver the foundational mathematical knowledge and concepts

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Physics & Chemistry

Our teachers will develop unique instructional strategy to help students pursue academic excellence in physics and chemistry

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Computer Contest

Solve puzzles in the technology world.

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VEX-IQ Robotics

Careers in STEM are increasingly in demand, getting a head start in the engineering field through robotics is a great way to start learning and acquire real hands on experience

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3D Printing

New technologies change the world, be on the cutting edge.

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College Admission

We prepare you for the top schools

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SAT Prep

Our unique methodology helps students understand the subjects and feel confident enough to start challenging themselves

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Test preparation is different than school work and this could be challenging for many students.

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Mock Trial

Popular Competition in U.S..Intended to simulate a real court case, where students play the part of lawyers and witnesses.

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